Downhole Geophysical Logging & Wireline Equipment

Downhole Geophysical Logging & Wireline Equipment

Lapidoth offers a complete array of the highest quality wireline equipment and services for oil, gas and water wells, and also for mineral and geotechnical boreholes:

  • Industry Standard oil well logging tools including Resistivity, Nuclear and Acoustic devices. All the tools are equipped with computerized systems, both open and cased holes, and can be operated in temperatures as high as 350F, and in deviated boreholes.
  • State-of-the-art logging tools for groundwater, mineral and geotechnical applications, including slim hole tools.
  • Rock and fluid sampling equipment including sidewall coring tools.
  • Mud logging units.
  • Miscellaneous logging tools such as QUARTZ pressure and temperature gauges.
  • Underground Video Camera for water wells.
  • Sonarjet for cleaning water wells.
  • Pipe and rig inspection services.
  • Auxiliary services: Free-point and Back-off, Perforating, Setting Bride-plug, Casing and Tubing cutters.

Lapidoth considers itself a “one stop shop” that provides all major services that may be required by operators, including drilling, downhole geophysical logging, cementation, perforation, CCTV Monitoring, production, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, logistics, research drilling and soil sampling.

News & Event

Lapidoth has finished drilling Heletz 3ST

The new well was finished and the production test have been performed.

Lapidoth takes control of Sunny Electronics

On August 13, 2015 a debt settalment in Sunny has been completed. Lpaidoth in now the controlling

Scillex Debt settlement completed

On February 2, 2015, Scillex Debt settlement has been approved. Lapidoth takes control of the company.

Annual Shareholders meeting to be held March 6th, 2017

On January 29th 2017 Lapidoth announced that it’s annual shareholders meeting will be held on

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